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Patrick LeBlanc has been a Duncanville resident for 15 years. As a citizen of Duncanville, he achieved the highest honor of being elected Councilman At-Large by the citizens in 2017. Patrick takes pride in community service and advocating for the needy while working in the mental health and non-profit sectors. In 2019, he founded the Bridging the Gap Foundation, a non-profit to address the disparities associated with mental health and access to quality care within underserved communities through acknowledgment, advocacy, and assistance to people with mental health challenges.
Not Only What It Is, but What It Could and Will Be if We Work Together

Leaders are those that act. I will provide a listening ear, a plan, direction, and motivation to work toward a shared vision. Confidently bringing residents together and empowering their voice. Leadership that encourages diversity and unity working toward the same end goal, solutions to community problems.


When given the honor to serve, we must serve and exemplify the moral courage to do what is right. I will provide moral courage and strength for our city. Courage to create a cohesive community that works together to get things done. Courage to cultivate the best while representing and advocating for the community.


We must ensure complete transparency in how our city government operates. The awarding of business grants, future infrastructure planning, and fair distribution of services will be a top priority. Council and staff work together to maintain financial integrity and towards the common goal of serving the needs of those who live in Duncanville.  


As a fifteen (15) resident of Duncanville, I have a vested interest in our community. Commitment to any cause requires careful evaluation. I am eager to ‘maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace’ (Eph. 4:3) as I serve. I am 100% committed to meeting the needs of our city, to help businesses grow and increase the quality of life for our residences.

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